Pixel-Generative Typeface

An interactive typeface exploring the relationship of fonts in different parameters

Pixelation and its relationship with typography

In this project, the audience can interact with the typeface and directly adjust their looks through moving the slide bars. The limitation of pixels, which is also the ‘resolution’ of the screen, can dramatically change the form of each letter. This reflects how we designed low-res typefaces on early computer screens and video games, a nostalgic feeling. The bigger the pixels are and the lower the resolution is, perhaps the further we go back in time.

By setting different parameters for two classic fonts, Helvetica and Minion, people can directly get a playful feel of typography.

/ Minion

Minion is a serif typeface designed in a classic style, intended for body text and extended reading.

/ Helvetica

A widely used sans-serif typeface, becoming one of the most popular fonts of the mid-20th century.

/ Acknowledgements

This is a project from Kelli Anderson’s course “Typography and Technology” at ITP, NYU. I was deeply inspired by an assignment from class, as well as Josef Alber’s modular font Kombinationschrift.

24 –09–2024
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