Generative Design:
Pangram Pangram | Neue Montreal Mono

A series of generative design for Pangram Pangram’s newly released monospaced typeface - Neue Montreal Mono.

Commissioned from Pangram Pangram, I created a series of generative content with code to promote their new typeface - Neue Montreal Mono.

“From its clean, modern aesthetic to its extensive character set, 14 styles including italics and multilingual support, Neue Montreal Mono empowers designers, developers, and creatives with the tools to excel in every project. Upgrade your typography game today and discover the endless possibilities with Neue Montreal Mono.” - Pangram Pangram

/ Generative Design Series

In this series, I included multiple techniques and libraries in various coding languages, including a machine learning model, computer vision, WebGL with Three.js, and browser based interactions with Javascript, HTML and CSS.

Through these tools, I wanted to demo how versatile the typeface is, and how elegantly it fits into both the programming and creative languages. In some examples, I also played with the nature of monospaced font, which shares equal width per character. 

Machine Learning Models

Computer Vision

Three.js and WebGL

Javascript/ HTML/ CSS

Static graphics

/ Acknowledgements

This project is an exercise made possible by Pangram Pangram Foundry, with their providing of the typeface Neue Montreal Mono

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