Dear Bookshelf

A website recollection of my dearest books

#web-design #three.js
When I think of my past five years, there were a lot of moving, from cities to cities or to new countries. Whenever I move, books are always the most painful items to deal with, yet the ones that I am emotionally attached to. My bookshelves experience drastic changes in every new apartment, I sold most books before I moved, and bought new ones as I settled down in a new place. Therefore, this is a recollection of my dearest books in the past five years. Each shelf is mapped to a city which I stayed that year, and the books on it are the ones that was important to me through the period. In this digital space, I put them together on a virtual shelf, as a personal curation and display. The viewer can zoom in/out with mouse control as well as using arrow keys.

/ Engraved world map and memorial text

To create a sense of memorial object, I made these engraved surfaces with a world map, cities, and the years I lived there.

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