Adjacent Issue 10 ‘Ecoscope’

Website and zine design for Adjacent issue 10, a celebration on ITP communit and meditations on nature, humanity and technnology.


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Adjacent issue 10, Ecoscope, explores the fine line between nature and technology, and their intimate relationship with humanity. Each essay takes a close look at one very small piece of this everything-verse we are intimately wedged in, like a scope. The range in topics exhibits the breadth of this tripartite intersection: interspecies art-making, microbial archiving, snails, camouflage, keyboards, nesting, bugs, the notes app, and collective joy.


The main visual of this issue is a bubble built in Three.js. It represents a lens, a perspective, a gaze at our core topic that is covered by a wide variety of interpretations.

The bubble’s movement is mapped to the scrolling activity of the user, so one’s perspective on the object changes as they scroll through the website.

Customized fonts for essays

To accomodate the everything-verse, we selected a dedicated font for each article, reflecting the nature of the essay. Upon user’s mouse hovering the title, the preview text appears as well as the designed title.

Issue 10 | Zine

In celebration of issue 10, we made a community-centered zine, where we designed activties on the topic of nature, humanity and technology, and invited students and faculty to reflect upon.

Using the output from our events across 2 months, we turned them into a 36 page zine which is distributed during 2022 ITP/IMA Winter Show.

Acknowledgements /

This website is built upon Cargo, and cannot be done without the ITP/IMA community. Special thanks to Julia Margaret Lu and the entire Adjacent team.

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