Typing Spectrogram

A spectrogram of typing out loud.

How come everyone’s typing look the same? and how can the speaking and handwriting in a typing process be seen?

These questions built the spectrogram. To see one pause, stuck, think and flow with sentences and words. The scanner is mapped to the pace of one’s typing. The scanner is stuck with one’s block of thought. I felt bit naked typing under the eyes of a machine, but same as all other personal matters.

/ Scanning speed

The speed of the scanning is defined by one’s speed of typing. The faster one types, the looser it will scan, resulting in a whiter space on the canvas. And the moments that one stop and think would be reflected with darker and denser ink.

From the appearance of the scan, I feel different emotions towards the same body of text. Some are more fluid, some fast, some stuttering, and some chaotic.

Early Experiment

Other People’s typing

Acknowledgements /

This project is under Nuntinee Tansrisakul’s advisement,  and thank you Chaski No, Sarah Elix, and Leia Chang that particpated in the experience and sharing some vulnerabilities with me.

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