Tide Wave

A sound visualization in collaboration with Gabe Warshaw. Built in p5.js and connect directly to Ableton, we were able to see the changes with effects live.


Inspired by Shiffman’s coding challenge, we started with the goal to build a 3D terrain that shows sound analysis from FFT.

The basic structure is – x-axis: FFT bins / y-axis: FFT results / z-axis: time.To store the data of FFT results in the vertexes over the terrain, my plan was to create a class and make each strip an object. In each frame, the objects update their x,y, and z position.

Finally, with the 3D terrain, I added a final touch with lights and materials to make the color change accordingly to the music.

Routing the music

Using Blackhole Audio, we routed the sound directly to Ableton in real-time. So we could change the effects in Ableton and see it spontaneously on the visualization. 

Live Demo

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