Visual design for Live Image Processing and Performance at ITP, NYU

Live Image Processing & Performance

Each year, at the end of the semester, students present live performances in exploration of what is “live” and how technology can create new systems or expressions for performers. As a part of a class, realizing how diverse those languages could be, the visual was set in a tone that is more embracing and subtle that represents the emerging contents through these performances.


Program I

Program II

Acknowledgements /

LIPP is a course taught at ITP, NYU by Matt Romein. And thank you for every performers in this class - Tora Thuland, Vesper Guo, David Currie, Luhan Rong, Xuan Huang, Persia Wu, Sarah Elix, Julia Margaret Lu, Meggie Weinheimer, June Lan, Jingyao Shao.

24 –09–2024
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