Flight Map

A representation of a 96-hour experience, capturing over 3000 planes in Brooklyn, NY.

You can make a wish if you catch 3 planes.

From where I grew up, supposedly there shouldn’t be that many planes in the sky, so there goes a saying - you can make a wish if you catch 3 planes.

/ Gather and clean the data

Using a FlightAware stick together with softwares Cocoa1090 and CocoaRTLServer, I gathered a bunch of datas of the planes flying over my house over 96 hours.

/ Visualization and sonification

There are both visual and audio elements. Audio is an important part of my experience of planes. Sometimes I only acknowledge a plane with its sound above me, so I thought to keep this quality.

It’s a chronological representation. A plane appeared at the exact time under the radar, and was detected for a duration. This part is indicated by the length of the color bar. And in this period, an amount of messages was detected, I use this to define the planes’ ‘loudness’, which was later used in the thickness of the bar and the amplitude of the sound. I also kept the ICAO identifier number for the planes, like little dots of trace.

Traffic during off-peak hours

Traffic during peak hours

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